Want Chic Kicks? Just Press 'Print' Marloes ten Bhömer's 3D Printed Shoes Redefine Traditional Shoemaking Add a Title

Marloes ten Bhömer's Rapidprototypedshoe brings 3D printing technology to custom shoemaking.

This shoe wasn't made on an assembly line, nor was it sewn by hand. Avant-garde designer Marloes ten Bhömer created the shoe with a three-dimensional printer, using a laser to cinch to together layers of polymers.

The Rapidprototypedshoe, as it's called, is an experiment in high-tech shoemaking. The technology transforms a digital model of a person's foot into a physical shoe, with the click of a print button. While the design is more of an art piece for the moment–it's currently on display in the "Mechanical Couture" exhibit at the Design Museum Holon in Holon, Israel–the shoes suggest a future in which custom kicks could be created instantly.

Image via ecouterre