After Three Years in Foster Care, Michael Brown Finds A Forever Home

He had been in foster care for 832 days

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A photo of a three-year-old boy is going viral because it shows the excitement of getting something most of us take for granted: a family. After 832 days in foster care, Michael Brown was finally adopted on December 20th into the coincidentally-named Brown family. Michael had first joined the family as a foster child in February, and after 10 months, was legally named the newest member of the Browns. “He was so excited on the day. I don’t think he truly understood what being adopted meant. He just knew he was being adopted,” his new sister, Dezhianna, told Buzzfeed.

This picture of an ecstatic Michael posted by Dezhianna on Twitter has been shared over 138,000 times.

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Michael was allowed to be adopted by the courts after his case plan changed from reuniting him with his mom to severance and adoption. The Browns were Michael’s third foster family so he was understandably shy when he first came to live with them. “He’s a lot more outgoing now and you can now see the personality in him,” Dezhianna said. “Now when he sleeps with me, he’ll roll over in the morning and get super close to my face and say, ‘Dae, I so happy.’ ”

Here’s Michael with his two sisters Dezhianna and Jordae.

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