Bookniture Is Micro-Furniture That Folds Into a Book

Finally, furniture that will fit into your small-ass apartment.

Gif via the Bookniture Kickstarter page.

It’s tough finding practical furniture for the space-challenged apartment in the trendy and rapidly gentrifying urban neighborhood you insist on living in, despite the existence of other options. Or maybe you live in a micro-home. Either way, you’ve avoided inviting friends over for this long because your apartment is too damn small for multiple seating options. Consider Bookniture, a compact and portable piece of furniture that folds into a book.

The books fold out into large, rounded cylinders that can be used as tables and chairs, footrests, or nightstands. You can even stack them to use as a desk. Their honeycomb paper structure gives the furniture the strength and durability to handle heavy loads—Mak even demonstrates its sturdiness by stacking it with 375 pounds of weights. When folded, they can be stored away on a bookshelf, or easily transported elsewhere. Hong Kong-based designer Mike Mak is currently funding the project for his micro-furniture on Kickstarter, where he hopes to raise $50,000.

Image via the Bookniture Kickstarter page.

Image via the Bookniture Kickstarter page.

Image via the Bookniture Kickstarter page.

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