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The Planet

Mike Pence Ignores ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ Sign At The Kennedy Space Center

by Tod Perry

July 7, 2017
Images via Twitter

When Mike Pence was named Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2016 election, he became a national political figure. Soon, word spread of a 2002 interview where he admitted he will not eat alone with a woman unless it’s his wife … who he refers to as “Mother.” This admission begged an important follow-up question: Does Mike Pence have such little self-control that he can’t be alone with a woman?

Thursday, America learned that yes, Mike Pence does have trouble keeping his hands to himself. While touring NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with Senator Marco Rubio, he placed his hand firmly on a piece of “Critical Space Flight Hardware” clearly labeled “DO NOT TOUCH.” When the photo hit Twitter, the internet had a field day mocking the vice president’s blatant disregard for federal signage.


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Mike Pence Ignores ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ Sign At The Kennedy Space Center