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Millennials Are Now America’s Largest Generation

The population and culture are shifting

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For Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who’ve enjoyed bashing Millennials for their skinny jeans, selfies and oversensitivity, it’s time to put up or shut up, because you’re a minority now. According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are 75 million Millennials living in the U.S. (people aged 18 to 34) whereas Baby Boomers (51 to 69) have declined to 74 million, and Gen X (35 to 50) is lagging behind with a population of 66 million.

The Millennial generation continues to grow as more immigrants from their age group are moving to the U.S., while Boomer numbers are shrinking as their deaths exceed the number of older immigrants arriving stateside. Census Bureau projections show the population of Gen Xers will pass the Baby Boomers in 2028.

Dubbed by The Washington Post as the most “self-mythologizing generation of all,” Baby-Boomer nostalgia has dominated pop culture for decades. Now, as the shadow of Woodstock rescinds, there’s room to examine how Gen X embraced a new art form called hip-hop, stood at the forefront of the Internet revolution and was instrumental in electing the first black president. And how Millenials fought for LGBT rights and became one of the most entrepreneurial generations in American history by embracing technology and creating the sharing economy.

As America goes through generational changes, how we see ourselves is bound to evolve as well. In a decade, the idea of the coddled Millenial or the apathetic Gen Xer may fall by the wayside as these younger generations grow to create their own history.

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