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San Francisco Man Embarks on a Journey to Reunite 100 Homeless People With Their Families Through YouTube

It started with a man named Jeffrey last Christmas.

via YouTube

Last year, a few weeks before Christmas, Kevin Adler videotaped a homeless man named Jeffrey Gottshall who sent a message to the long-lost sister he hadn’t seen in more than 33 years. Just three weeks after posting the video, the sister was located. Soon members of Gottshall’s family from all over the country were sending him messages and his hometown raised $5,000 for him to be reunited with them. Since his success with Gottshall, Adler has made it his duty to reunite 100 homeless people with their families through YouTube and social media. He calls his videos “Miracle Messages.”

Adler was inspired to help homeless people after the death of an uncle who had lived on the streets for 30 years. “In memory of my Uncle Mark I’m traveling across the country with volunteers and helping folks just like my Uncle Mark reunite with their families before it’s too late,” Adler said. “Someone who’s just homeless Joe or Jane to you or I could be the most important person in the world to that one person that’s looking for them. That’s what motivates this.”

Adler requests that everyone give this gift to one person in their neighborhood. He believes it’s a small gift but one that could make a big difference in someone’s life.

Learn more about Adler’s work at Miracle Messages and see some of his videos on the project’s YouTube page.

(H/T WMUR News)

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