Mixed News On Same-Sex Marriage

So in Maine yesterday, the voters reversed the state's law allowing gay marriage by a margin of 47-53. This is unfortunate news, especially on the heels of the passage Prop 8 in California.But here's some encouragement. Over at The Baseline Scenario, James Kwak presents the following chart, which shows how much different age groups support same-sex marriage, and concludes that "Barring a backlash even bigger than the one we've seen over the last ten years (during which support for same-sex marriage increased in every state except Utah), time is on the side of same-sex marriage."

I think this just confirms what a lot of us so-called "millennials" already know firsthand: For our generation, discriminating by sexual orientation feels socially and morally retrograde, even among many conservatives. As we become a bigger part of the electorate, the votes will follow.