More Than 40 Percent of Americans Believe the Rapture Is Coming

The May 21 doomsayers are about to find out if they're wrong, but there's a lot more where they came from.

With the world so close to May 21, 2011, the day some Christians believe they will be beamed to heaven from Earth, which will then be thrown into fiery chaos, it's perhaps worth taking a second look at the above Pew Research Center data from June of last year. The people who actually believe "the Rapture" is coming on Saturday have become somewhat of a joke amongst secular people and even other Christians. But according to Pew, they're not as out of the ordinary as you might think.

It turns out that many Americans do in fact believe in the Rapture, they just don't agree that it's happening Saturday. As you can see above, a full 41 percent of people in the United States believe that Jesus Christ will either definitely or probably return to Earth before 2050. That number climbs to almost six in 10 when discussing Evangelicals, and more than half of the people living in the South.

In other words, if you think everyone screaming about the world ending on Saturday is crazy, your salvation won't come Sunday morning. There's a lot more of this doomsday stuff to come.