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Every Parent Can Relate To This Hilarious Mom Sneaking Out Of Her Sleeping Baby’s Room

Some parents will go to extreme lengths to keep their kids asleep

Any parent will tell you that getting your kid to fall asleep is a delicate act that requires patience, lots of trial and error, and some really good luck. So once the kid is out, moms and dads will do almost anything not to spoil their good fortune.

As this video shows us, dignity might be the first casualty in the fight against kids and bedtime. This clip, taken from a nanny-cam, shows a mom who, once her baby falls asleep, uses some very covert tactics to break free of the room without disturbing the young one’s slumber. The husband was kind enough to share the footage with the rest of the world, and the viewers seem to be loving it.

All parents can relate, and childless viewers can just revel in the absurdity of the situation, knowing that this could be their life should they choose to dive into parenthood. Watch the Facebook-posted clip and plan accordingly…

I don’t remember coming across any “reverse leopard crawl” tutorials in parenting books, but clearly, it will be adopted in future editions. This is too good not to teach other parents.

As the comments on the post show, what may be even crazier than the depiction in the video is the fact that this seems to be a pretty standard move for parents. I guess military training does have some real world applications once you have kids.

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