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British Farmer Wants a Refund on His Dangerous Nazi-Bred “Super Cows”

The cows are reportedly “too dangerous to handle”.

A Heck cattle cow in Mannheim, Germany. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A British farmer who made news in 2009 when he shipped over a herd of Nazi-bred “super cows” from Germany now wants to get rid of them. Farmer Derek Gow says that the cows are “too dangerous to handle” and would try to “kill anyone” any chance they could. Apparently, it was “not a lot of fun at all”, though it’s hard to imagine why anyone would expect a herd of Nazi-bred super cows to be a barrel of laughs.

The cows are Heck cattle, and they are the abomination of German zoologists Heinz and Lutz Heck. The Heck brothers had the brainy idea to create a new species resembling the auroch, a pre-historic breed of wild cattle that is now extinct (and probably for good reasons). It turns out the cows are really aggressive—they share DNA with the Spanish fighting cattle. Maybe Mother Nature had the right idea when it banished these cow-demons off the face of the Earth. Have we learned nothing from Jurassic Park?

Gow originally hoped to study and photograph the animals on his farm, but they’ve been far too aggressive to manage. He told The Guardian he thought they would be “ideal for a reintroduction programme in Britain because they don't need human attention." It turns out all they actually need is human flesh, which is why Gow is now trying to offload these animals on some other poor sucker. He is reportedly having a hard time finding buyers.

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