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Hey, Neighbor. Thanks for the Good Times.

This was Neighborday 2015. #letsneighbor

Last Saturday was the fifth anniversary of Neighborday, the global block party we invented to get people talking with the people who share their walls and fences.

From small gatherings to big adventures, you’ve already shared a few great celebration stories on our mobile platform, CTZN. We know you’ve got more, and we can’t wait to hear them! Below are a few of our favorite moments so far.

Residents of East Dallas used the resources included in our Neighborday toolkit to generate buzz about a low-key gathering over donuts and coffee.

In northern California, Neighborday coincided with the NOW! Festival, a week-long celebration of the neighborhoods surrounding San Francisco’s Panhandle. From a clothing swap to a pop-up bike shop, free yoga classes to speed dating sessions, neighbors in the Panhandle found lots of fresh ways to get to know each other a little better.

A suburb of Baltimore has held a Neighborday gathering for three years running—and even chemo hasn’t put a damper on the community’s celebration. It’s awesome that Neighborday has turned into such a beloved local tradition over the years, and we’re stoked to see how the residents of Hampton Gardens will celebrate in May.

For some neighbors, Saturday was the perfect time to enjoy the simple things—a ball game in the street or a walk around the block.

And here in Los Angeles, it was a great day to nurture pollinators in a newly re-opened community garden at Proyecto Jardin.

So what’d you do for Neighborday? Share your ideas and stories with us on CTZN—along with any tips or questions about how to keep your neighborhood connected all year round.

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