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Here’s Your Excuse to Finally Meet Your Neighbors

by Joseph Vandenorth

April 12, 2016

For six years now, GOOD has turned the last weekend in April into a global block party. This year, April 30 is Neighborday—a holiday all about getting a little face time with the folks who share your walls and fences.

It’s easy to be a part of Neighborday. Whether you want to simply meet your neighbors for the first time or gather them for a BBQ, we’ve created a toolkit to help you take action on Neighborday. You might use this as an opportunity to start a community project like planting a pollinator pathway or transforming a vacant lot into a pop-up park.

You can sign up to host a Neighborday gathering, too. GOOD might just surprise you with some goodies to help your promote your gathering to your neighbors.

Whatever you choose, we hope April 30 serves as an opportunity to build new, authentic connections within your community.

P.S. Post how you’re spending Neighborday to your social using #letsneighbor and we’ll re-share. 

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Here’s Your Excuse to Finally Meet Your Neighbors