Neighborhood Watch: Friday, Jan. 16

"Meanwhile in Beastieville" by Sean Clarity is part of Gallery 1988 Los Angeles's current exhibit, "Under the Influence: The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys." "Meanwhile," sadly, has already sold, but the whole collection is a lot of fun.British Bulldogs might no longer be bread in the United Kingdom because their hallmark features are "cruel and disabling for the dogs themselves."Should yesterday's heroic pilot be the front-runner to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat? Probably. But will the media destroy his life? Almost certainly.In other aviation news, a new blimp can stay afloat with a supply of helium and two to four pedal-pushing people.Find your Senator or House Representative on YouTube! The U.S. Government has created channels for everyone in Congress. Who do you think has the most views?