Nevermind The Pantsuits Line... Nevermind The Pantsuits Line...

Nevermind The Pantsuits Line...

by Siobhan O'Connor

August 29, 2008

So you've all by now seen and heard a lot about Hillary's speech last night. You maybe also saw Keith Olbermann, who as many will recall hasn't often been kind to Ms. Clinton, muster a few kind words for her. (Classy, Keith!) There isn't much to add to the conversation here, but we can say from being there, in the last row of the nosebleeds, that the Pepsi Center was absolutely electric while she was speaking. Glowing in her pumpkin pantsuit, she was Poised and Restrained and On Message, and yet totally and utterly...moving? There, we said it. So moving, in fact, that we'll forgive her the bad "traveling pantsuits" line, and say we were thrilled to be there, giving her the warmest reception she's probably ever gotten in mixed company.
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Nevermind The Pantsuits Line...