Seven-year-old girl shows off her new prosthetic leg for the first time and her friends' reaction is wonderful.

She was very proud.

Having a physical abnormality as a child can be very difficult. Like adults, most children just want to fit in with everyone else. But kids can be cruel, and when someone stands out there’s bound to be some teasing and bullying.

That’s why this video from Birmingham, England is so beautiful.

Seven-year-old Anu lost her leg shortly after birth. So after getting a state-of-the-art sports blade from the National Health Service, she was excited to show it off to the kids at school.

The video above shows her walking across the playground on the first day with her new leg and the other children are astonished. They gather around Anu, gasping and smiling at her new limb. One girl gets so excited she gives Anu a huge hug.

Then Anu runs around the playground, free as a bird.

There’s no teasing. No bullying. Just kids being excited for their friend.