This Inspiring Amputee Made a Prosthetic Leg From LEGOs

Christina Stephens hopes to combat the "stigma associated with amputation in general."

When Christina Stephens' colleague suggested she make a prosthetic leg for herself out of LEGOs, it was a joke. But Stephens, an occupational therapist and a recent amputee, took it as a challenge, and went home to make the LEGOleg a reality. Using tubs of LEGOS her mother had collected from yard sales when Stephens was growing up, she crafted a substitute to her carbon fiber leg in just two hours. The result is a genius prosthetic, with Stephens' efforts—for seeing the positive, even fun side of her situation—to be commended.

Last January, when Stephens was changing the brakes on her car, it fell and crushed her foot, resulting in nerve damage. Since opting to have an amputation to salvage her health, Stephens has become a kind of unofficial spokeswoman for people dealing with the same kind of issues, hoping to combat the "stigma associated with amputation in general." She started Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to the subject, and a YouTube page under the name AmputeeOT, chronicling her experiences. The following video, documenting her two-day LEGO project, is just one example of how Stephens offers inspiration to those who may be facing similar physical obstacles.


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