New York's Plan to Prevent 90,000 Birds from Dying in Violent Building Crashes

Apparently some 90,000 migratory birds die each year by crashing into buildings. But today, Treehugger reports on the Audobon Society's Lights Out campaign, an effort to help out the many migratory bird species that fly through New York City each fall. Numerous city skyscrapers, including icons such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, will be dimming their lights in an effort to reduce the number of birds that are killed in collisions each year. We think the idea of corporate behemoths like Time Warner flipping the switch to help out a fellow species is a good one. In addition to energy savings, it highlights how seemingly small changes can have an amplified effect.

The post includes information on changes you can make in your own building, whether it be a low-rise or a high-rise.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc) via Treehugger