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How to React When Gay-Glitter-Bombed: Two Very Different Responses Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty Get Glitter-Bombed by Gay Rights Activists

New Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty both have anti-gay stances, but at least Newt can appreciate a good act of protest.

In the last month, two GOP presidential hopefuls have been glitter-bombed by gay rights activists. Just a few days ago, Tim Pawlenty got pelted with pink confetti in San Francisco by members of the activist group CodePink, who were protesting his claim that he would reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell if elected:


Pawlenty wasn't the first to get this treatment. Back in May, Newt Gingrich was greeted with a flurry of glitter at a book signing in Minnesota and was told, "Feel the rainbow!":


Notice the absolute outrage on Pawlenty's face. He's flustered, he's angry, he doesn't know quite what to do. But Newt? He's cool as a cucumber. There's a moment where he realizes what's about to happen, and decides to accept his glittery fate with aplomb. Later, he says, "Nice to live in a free country, huh?"

Despite both Gingrich and Pawlenty's anti-gay politics (they're pretty intense), there's a tiny comfort in a candidate who can at least appreciate innocuous—and colorful!—guerrilla protest acts like these. If Pawlenty is serious about a presidential run, this might not be the last time he's hit with fuschia confetti. Take notes, Tim.

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann has joined the exclusive club of GOP hopefuls getting glittered. Congrats Michele! She brings a third alternative to the table: utterly ignoring the sparkly substance cramping her style. Points for grace, I guess.


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