No Docking Stations Needed: A 'Smarter' Bike Share

By: Sarah Gonzalez    This post also appeared on Transportation Nation.  Just a few days after New York starts up its bike share, Hoboken,...

By: Sarah Gonzalez \n
This post also appeared on Transportation Nation. \n

Just a few days after New York starts up its bike share, Hoboken, N.J. will offer its own, more high-tech program.
Hoboken’s bikes have a built-in lock that replaces the need for bike docking stations, like the ones popping up in New York City. The integrated GPS and smart locks allow customers to lock their bikes at a bike rack.
Membership will cost $25 per month or $75 for the season, which runs through November.
Social Bicycles come with a built-in repair button for when customers get a flat tire, for example, and customers can see statistics of their bike ride, including a map of the course they biked and the amount of calories burned.
Starting this Saturday, the city will also offer bike rentals, through Bike and Roll, aimed at attracting tourists who want to bike the New York City skyline along Hoboken’s waterfront.
Bike and Roll will have $10 per hour rates and $34 daily rates.
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