Twitter Parody Account Shows What A Grown-Up Trump Would Sound Like

by Tod Perry

January 5, 2017
via Twitter

After Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee last July, political pundits everywhere predicted he would work to appear more presidential during the general election. Trump’s attempts at civility on the campaign trail had their fits and starts. In the morning, he’d make a disciplined speech at a teleprompter. In the evening, he’d fat-shame a former Miss Universe contestant or haphazardly float conspiracy theories. 

Two weeks from Trump’s inauguration, most people have given up any shred of hope that Trump will stop his infantile Twitter outbursts. To juxtapose his tweets with that of a thoughtful and mature human being, some genius created the Twitter handle Presidential Trump (@MatureTrumpTwts). This parody account with over 25,000 followers quotes Trump’s real tweets and rewrites them from the perspective of a non-infant who understands the importance of the presidency. 

Here are some of Presidential Trump’s best tweets:

On intelligence briefings… 

Trump’s backing of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange…

The Affordable Care Act…

Trump’s sore-winner tweet…

Trump’s ridiculous “Not!” joke (what is this 1992?)...

Trump taking credit for the ever-improving economy…




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Twitter Parody Account Shows What A Grown-Up Trump Would Sound Like