Gun Control Protests Are Quickly Convincing Companies To End Discounts For NRA Members

The effect of the protests has been quick, clear, and undeniable.

Until recently, National Rifle Association members had been enjoying significant discounts from an array of companies, many of which are seemingly unrelated to firearms or the organization at all. But amid the backlash and protests over the Parkland school massacre in Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018, the discount is quickly disappearing as the outlets offering them wish to avoid the heated controversy surrounding both the NRA’s influence on legislators and gun control in general.

According to Gizmodo, both Enterprise Holdings (which owns National, Alamo, and Enterprise car rental) and Symantec have both eliminated the discounts they offer to NRA members in the face of public scrutiny and the #BoycottNRA hashtag.

First National Bank will cease issuing NRA-branded Visa cards to its customers as well, citing “customer feedback” as the reason for scrapping the offering.

MetLife also tweeted that the insurance conglomerate will no longer offer a discount to NRA members.

David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the shooting occurred, has called out FedEx for continuing to offer its discount in the wake of the shooting and amid the protests.

Not only does the elimination of the discount result in less public enticement to join the NRA, but the flight of corporate partners will undoubtedly damage the value of any political alignments as well, resulting in a weaker and less influential organization.