NYT Banking on For-Profit Education Business

For at least the last two years, New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman has offered the following solution to saving the ailing newspaper industry: Bingo! By allowing people to play the game (read: gamble) on newspapers' websites, papers could replace much of their lost revenue. Unfortunately the entrenched interests of the gaming industry are unlikely to let that happen any time soon, as it has in Britain.The Gray Lady, which earlier today announced its paid model, has a different idea: for-profit education.We've already proclaimed that the sector is booming, so the Times to get in on some of the action. According to the Guardian's "PDA"-blog, the effort began two years ago with the founding of the New York Times Knowledge Network. The paper is combining the power of its editors and reporters with academics at places, like Ball State University in Indiana and Rosemont College in Pennsylvania, to offer courses on subjects, such as media or entrepreneurship.The classes are either considered continuing education courses (which offer no academic or professional credit) or as part of certificate programs.You could be the first one on your block to get a New York Times diploma.Photo via Flickr user FrozenCapybara