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Key & Peele Reunite For Final Obama “Anger Translator” Skit

“We got a naked rooskie on horseback who gonna be running the show”

America and the world are just a few short days away from losing Barack Obama as commander-in-chief of the United States. To acknowledge the massive change coming for all of us, Key & Peele has reunited to bring us one more hilarious stint with their brilliant Obama “anger translator” skit.

The long-running gag was that President Obama was too polite and restrained by the office to say what he really thought about all the insanity happening around him over the past eight years. Thankfully, he had “Luther” on hand; an outspoken right-hand man who could effectively translate Obama’s unshakably cool countenance into speech sometimes more fitting the situation.

In his farewell remarks, Obama’s sidekick promises to “keep it chill.” Well, that lasts about 35 seconds before Luther begins a brilliant tirade responding to the president’s soothing promises of a smooth transition.

On Russian influence over Trump:

“Vladimir Putin y’all. We got a naked rooskie on horseback who gonna be running the show.”

On immigration:

“New policy: the only ‘good immigrant’ is a smoking hot white one.”

On what Trump really wants:

“He doesn’t even want the job! The only reason he even ran is because his factory in China made too many red hats.”

But it’s the unshakeable Obama who finally breaks character, when his “welcome” note to Trump is exposed. Hint: It’s NSFW. And with that, he offers one last thought to the country in the kind of on point comment even Luther can’t improve upon:

“Thanks, America. It’s been real. It’s been good. But it ain’t been real good.”

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