Obama Goes Nuclear

One of the ways that Obama attempted to differentiate himself from the left during the campaign was his support of nuclear power, which is touted by some as a clean energy choice by many, but denounced as too dangerous and not actually renewable by others. Both sides have valid arguments, but yesterday, the Obama administration put their money where their mouths are, offering nearly $10 billion in loans to an energy company adding two nuclear reactors to their existing nuclear power plant in Georgia.If everything goes smoothly, these will be the first two nuclear reactors approved in the United States in 30 years. The two new reactors will provide enough electricity to power 1.1 million homes and will be online by 2016. Most importantly, the $10 billion in loans comes from a nuclear power fund that still has $8 billion in it (and the administration recently asked Congress for even more funding), and the administration expects to announce more nuclear projects soon.How do you feel about Obama's support for nuclear power?