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Barack Obama Made Melania Trump Smile And Twitter Went Totally Bonkers

President Trump didn’t attend Barbara Bush’s funeral, but not because she said she’s “not crazy about what he says about women.”

Photo by James N. Mattis/Flickr.

Since taking on the role of first lady, Melania Trump hasn’t exactly been all smiles. She’s refused to hold her husband’s hand in public multiple times and body language experts say she looks “tense and afraid.”

Given the fact that her husband is currently fighting off allegations he had affairs with adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal – and then paid them for their silence – it’s not shocking that she’s acting chilly around her husband.

According to People magazine, the first lady is “furious” over the “24/7 tornado” that her life has become. “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” author Michael Wolff has further confirmed reports of marital discord by saying the Trumps have separate bedrooms at the White House.


Although Melania is clearly angry with her husband, she had a warm exchange with Barack Obama during the service for former first lady Barbara Bush on Saturday, April 21.

Obama and Melania were seated next to each other during the service. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also in the same row.


According to the White House, President Trump didn’t attend the funeral to avoid creating a disruption “due to added security.”

But it was widely reported he avoided the event because the Bush family has been very critical of him. Trump bashed former President George W. Bush on the campaign trail in 2016 and lambasted his brother Jeb during the GOP debates, calling him “low energy.”

Barbara Bush was no fan of Trump either. “[Trump] doesn’t give many answers to how he would solve problems,” she told CNN:

“He sort of makes faces and says insulting things … He’s said terrible things about women, terrible things about the military. I don’t understand why people are for him, for that reason. I’m a woman … I’m not crazy about what he says about women.”


Obama’s ability to make Melania smile was a big topic on social media over the weekend. Many pointed out that Obama was friendly with Melania even though she helped stoke the flames of the racist “birther” conspiracy her husband championed.


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