Jimmy Kimmel Wonders Why Melania Trump Follows Barack Obama On Twitter

Is she trolling the world’s most powerful troll?


Although President Trump holds animosity for his predecessor, his wife appears to like Barack Obama.

Since taking on the role of first lady, Melania Trump has sent mixed messages about her relationship with her husband. She’s appeared to refuse to hold his hand in public and body language experts say she looked distressed during the State of the Union address.

“It was not that she looked stoic, though she often did, it was almost a distant pained look,” Joe Navarro, a body language expert, told The Huffington Post. “She almost mechanically stood and applauded, without any form of alacrity. That may speak to some psychological discomfort and emotional pain.”


Due to the numerous sexual assault accusations against her husband, Jimmy Kimmel believes Melania may be passive-aggressively sticking it to Donald through his favorite mouthpiece: Twitter.

Melania follows five people on the official @FLOTUS account, one of which is Trump’s rival, Barack Obama. “I’m sure the president isn’t very happy about this,” said Kimmel.

Image via @FLOTUS/Twitter.

Although Melania doesn’t follow Barack Obama on her personal Twitter account, the accounts she does follow are telling. It’s mostly family members, high-end fashion brands and magazines, and cable news networks — including CNN, her husband’s nemesis.

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