President Obama Makes Fun of the GOP Candidates

Don’t forget to tip your server.

President Obama has taken plenty of grief while in office and on the campaign trail over the years, so with his final term heading into the home stretch it’s time for our 44th President to give some back to his political naysayers. In this very funny clip from AJ+, Obama gives a great response to attacks from GOP candidates who claim he is “weak” when it comes to his foreign policy on Russia and that Vladimir Putin will “straighten out” once they talk to him.

After hearing Obama’s response, you will see he is clearly not impressed with the candidates’ claims and that he also has a very bright future in stand-up comedy.

Check out the clip below.

\nObama Mocks GOP Candidates

Just President Obama throwing some shade at GOP presidential hopefuls.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, November 3, 2015