Obama Gets One Last Laugh at Donald Trump

Though Trump has ended his fake political campaign, the president isn't letting him get off that easy.

President Obama righteously and ruthlessly mocked Donald Trump at last month's White House Correspondents' Dinner, calling out the foot-dragging GOP presidential candidate for his ridiculous "birther" attacks. Today, as you can see above, the president's got another thing to smile about, and Trump is once again the butt of the joke.

With the Obama administration gearing up to fight for the presidency again in 2012, it's begun accepting donations on its website. Any contribution over $30 will get the donor a limited-edition t-shirt, the design of which is a not-so-subtle slap in the face of Trump and anyone else who speculated Obama wasn't a U.S. citizen. On the front: A smiling Obama above the words "Made in the USA"; on the back: A picture of Obama's long-form birth certificate. There's also a mug.

He who laughs last is the President of the United States of America.