Obama's Peace Prize Win: Merited, or Politics As Usual?

This is the question every single pundit (and Twitterer) this side of, well, anywhere will be asking today. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win is a total headscratcher, that much is pretty much agreed upon.Is this an attempt to prevent the president from turning Afghanistan into another Vietnam? Is it a super-duper premature pat on the back? Is it merited? If so, for what?Some tools to aid you in your opinion forming:1. A list (with some analysis) of former winners.2. A list of other surprise wins.3. Some early opinions, some for, some tentative, and many against. (The Guardian is even asking if he should accept the award at all.)4. A look at some of the other people whose names were being floated for a win.At this early hour we had trouble finding a lot of punditry in support of the nod, but if you find some good ones, post them in the comments. And more importantly, what do you think?