The EcoCapsule Is Now Available for Purchase

It’s a little pricey.

Via YouTube

Back in May, GOOD featured an article about the EcoCapsule, a new, stylish 120-square-foot “smart home” that allows you to live completely off the grid. Now it’s available for purchase by people in the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The one drawback is its price, $86,000. Although if you’ve decided to live completely off the grid, it’s much cheaper than the average home.

The EcoCapsule is a wind- and solar-powered, 14 ft. by 7 ft. by 7 ft. pod that gives the owner total independence. It hitches to the back of your car and, if it’s electric, will keep it charged with its 9,700-watt-hour battery. For off-the-grid living, the EcoCapsule features membrane water filters that remove bacteria from rainwater and store it in a tank beneath the floor. Plus it has a fully functioning bathroom and thermally insulated walls to help you stay warm while reducing energy usage.

If you’re looking to take the EcoCapsule on this year’s summer vacation, you’re out of luck, though. Orders do not ship until 2017.

(H/T Good News Network)