Olympic Time

At 8:00 p.m. on August 8, 2008, an estimated 4 billion people beheld what looks to have been spectacular feat of pageantry: the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics, held in Beijing's National Stadium, aka the Bird's Nest.

A few hours before the commencement of the ceremonies, Chinese President Hu Jintao declared, "The historic moment we have long awaited is arriving...The world has never needed mutual understanding, mutual toleration and mutual cooperation as much as it does today."

NBC opted not to broadcast the ceremony live. We Americans, it seems, will attain our global understanding, toleration, and cooperation when we're good and ready-i.e., when it's most appealing to advertisers.

Cynicism and corporate loathing aside, we are utterly sincere when we say the following: GO USA!

Official Olympic site.