One Minute Until Impact: Jason Graham-Nye on Putting People First

"We very quickly realized that it's all about the people."


Jason Graham-Nye has had a varied career, to say the least: He's worked as an stockbroker, a high school teacher, and a rugby coach. Now, he is the CEO and co-founder of gDiapers, a company that makes eco-friendly diapers. When Jason and his wife Kim had their first child, they discovered that traditional diapers have a big negative impact on the environment. In their native Australia, they stumbled across a kind of hybrid diaper that reduces environmental and health costs. Importing the design to the United States, the couple started their company in Portland, Oregon and quickly grew into a major force in the diaper world. Asked for advice for budding entrepreneurs, Graham-Nye highlights the importance of people: Ensuring that not just your employees, but also your investors and partners, are on board with the mission of your enterprise.

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