Oops: The Drones Got Hacked

This is a disturbing story. Those unmanned drones we've been using in Iraq and Afghanistan had some unforeseen security holes and got hacked:
Insurgents in Iraq intercepted live video feeds from the drones being relayed back to a US controller and revealing potential targets. A US official said the flaw was identified and fixed in the past 12 months.The problem only came to light after the US found many hours' worth of videotaped recordings on militant laptops late last year and earlier this year....The potential problem with the hacking was that insurgents, if they knew the locations being targeted, would be able to take evasive action.
Intercepting communications this way is relatively harmless security breach. If hackers could wrest control of military robots, that'd be a different story. This makes those worries about the increasing reliance on remote control, automation, and robots in warfare seem much more pressing.And that's to say nothing of the thorny moral issues that having robots in war raises in the first place.Image credit.