These Speakers Are Thinner Than A Piece of Paper

A new material as thin as “thick sandwich wrap” makes these bizarre speakers possible.

Self professed tinkerer Richard Haberkern is attempting to make paper thin speakers the norm. Using Polyvinylidene Fluoride Piezoelectric Film (PVDF), a new material as thin as “thick sandwich wrap” covered in electrically conductive coating that’s able to transmit audio and video, the California inventor hopes to experiment with his prototype further, and see just how big he and fellow tinkerers can dream with it. Because the material is pretty difficult to manufacture, he’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund his experiments.

Image via Kickstarter

“Others have tried but we were determined to develop a low cost kit, with the Soundlazer brand name,” he said. “We want this technology in the hands of as many experimenters and makers as possible. Our kit had to include both the speaker film and the electronics needed to produce good quality sound. By working with manufacturers from around the world, I think we have more than surpassed this goal. Now the only thing needed is your backing to help produce these kits in large enough quantities to make truly thin speakers a reality.”

Those who pledge money to his campaign will receive a variety of packages which will all include pieces of the material, in hopes that the technology can be used for as many cool inventions as possible. Some ideas already in the running? Paper headphones and talking business cards.