Parliament: Make Like a Maple Tree and Leave

You've probably heard about how Canada, fed up with its Conservative government, is using archaic but useful laws to get its prime minister out of office. Sounds like a more civil version of impeachment, right? Maybe, but it's getting ugly up there.First, Canada's three opposition parties formed a coalition against PM Stephen Harper, who they say is driving the country's economy into the ground. Then Harper slammed back calling the opposition "socialist" and "separatist," and is now suspending the power they were using to get him out of office in the first place.Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs left and right, the worst it's been since the early '80s (which sucked).Anyway, since most things Canadian are a little confusing (eh, loonies, Degrassi's success et al.), even to those of us from there, CBC reporter Neil Macdonald offers this rather clear explanation.(Photo via CBC)