Picture Show #Fieldwork: 11 Photos of Your Thanksgiving Aftermath

Last week, photographer Dona Schwartz—in her kickoff off to a new series we're calling #Fieldwork—assigned the GOOD community to photograph their thanksgiving remains. The results are a collection of images shot by both internationally exhibited, and amateur photographers, encapsulating the diversity of the American experience of Thanksgiving. From Matthew Schenning's quietly composed Instagram'd wishbone, to Jordana Zeldin's picture of an empty chicken nuggets box photographed while waiting in a JFK flight terminal, these belly-full images make us feel at home wherever we are. Here are our eleven favorites. Thanks for participating and stay tuned for the next #Fieldwork assignment coming soon.

Matthew Schenning

Sam Morgan

Timothy Briner

Charlie Grosso

Jordana Zeldin

Peter Riesett

Rachel Chaikof

Joshua Dudley Greer

Alessandra Rizzotti

Brad Farwell

Dona Schwartz