Picture Show: Haitian Earthquake Appeal Picture Show: Haitian Earthquake Appeal

Picture Show: Haitian Earthquake Appeal

by Jeff Antebi

January 29, 2010
On the surface, Jeff Antebi's photography focuses on regions in strife, from war-torn Afghanistan, to favelas of Brazil, to cartel-plagued Juarez, Mexico. Yet it is the humanity he finds in the midst of conflict-the ability to connect the viewer of a photograph to the subject-that makes his work endure. Last year, months before an earthquake would ravage the nation, Antebi twice traveled to Haiti, once to document elections, and once to visit Cite Soleil, one of the worst slums in the Western Hemisphere. "On both occasions," explains Antebi, "I found the spirit and humor of Haitian people to be immeasurable, even in the face of such daunting living conditions."Today, in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Antebi's photographs offer a hopeful, if haunting, rejoinder to the images that fill news feeds. "Haitian Earthquake Appeal" is the current show at StolenSpace Gallery in London, where stunning prints are now available for purchase, with all proceeds going to Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders. To learn more about Antebi's time in Haiti, please read his essay "Haiti: A Photographer's Plea" at NPR.
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Picture Show: Haitian Earthquake Appeal