Pictures Inside Prisons Pictures Inside Prisons

Pictures Inside Prisons

by Siobhan O'Connor

January 29, 2010
This month there are two amazing new photo stories by Matt Rainwaters (probably best known for his awesome portfolio of outrageous beards) documenting prison life. The two series-one about a five-time prison escape artist, the other about a woman who stabbed her husband 193 times-show two very different versions of the prison experience, and are both unpredictable in exactly the way good photography should be.The former was for Esquire U.K., the latter for Texas Monthly (the accompanying story is well worth a read). You can see what Rainwaters had to say about the photos here, and see more of them, under the header "Offender," here.
Via Notcot; thumbnail image is the opening spread of the Texas Monthly article, via Matt Rainwaters' site; other images by Matthew Rainwaters via his web site.
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Pictures Inside Prisons