Video: Airplane Passengers Incite Mile-High Pillow Fight Pillow Flight Sparked on CO1905 Flight

Ever felt so stifled on a plane that you just wanted to throw something? Passengers on flight CO1905 did just that, with an impromptu pillow fight.


Air travel is boring. Why not make it interesting by inciting a pillow fight? That's exactly what passengers did on a recent Continental Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Everett, Washington. They even ganged up on those in first class with the chant "Throw them all into first!"

I would love to know how the fight attendants reacted to this mayhem. They're absent from the video. A lesson to airlines: make comfier pillows and your passengers will actually fall asleep on them instead of throwing them at each other.

Via Gawker; Thumbnail image (cc) by Flickr user extranoise