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This Police Dog Can’t Stop Showing His Partner Love During Their Photo Shoot

by Penn Collins

February 15, 2017

Things went adorably awry during a photography session for two police officers when one couldn’t stop kissing his partner. Now for a little context to make that mental image seems far less creepy and inappropriate – one of them was a friendly police dog named Kenobi. 

Officer Levi Knach sat with his canine partner for a professional photo shoot and it seems for a while they weren’t going to achieve the “professional” part. Once seated and posing, Kenobi couldn’t stop kissing and nuzzling Knach during the shoot. 

It may not have led many to believe that the duo “enforce the law with a vengeance,” as it states on this page for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement, but it was plenty cute. 

See the four photos catching the dog and officer in various states of adoration and toughness below. The department posted the series of pics in its entirety, knowing that a little public goodwill from a cute police dog is never a bad thing. 


There we go. That’s the “protect and serve” look that the department was hoping for. 

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This Police Dog Can’t Stop Showing His Partner Love During Their Photo Shoot