Policy Meets Design: Rebranding Immigrant Day Labor Policy Meets Design: Rebranding Immigrant Day Labor

Policy Meets Design: Rebranding Immigrant Day Labor

by Andrew Shea

August 12, 2013

Students presented their final design materials to El Centro along with a style guide that included production details. The students' fresh perspective helped clarify El Centro's vision, according to Behrens; the organization will soon implement the designs.

Milano-Parsons collaborations are rare, but everyone agrees this was worthwhile; Parsons' students learned how policy analysis can inform their design approach, and Milano students were able to see their recommendations evolve. Our students gained critical new insights from their collaborators' divergent approach.

Given the variation in how people approach social problems—stemming from neurological, cultural, and experiential differences—we recommend similar trans-disciplinary collaborations to meet new challenges. By building relationships and embracing different paradigms early in the collaborative process, groups can broaden their perspective, and make a difference with visionary organizations like El Centro. 

Milano students: Nohely Alvarez, Nicole Brownstein, Justine Gonzalez, Benjamin Van Couvering, and Marco Zelaya

Parsons students: Leonardo Araujo, Shravika Bothra, Ambar Del Moral, Constantine Giavos, Jacob Hernandez,Anthony Iciano, Lindsey Kim

Images courtesy of Andrew Shea

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Policy Meets Design: Rebranding Immigrant Day Labor