Political Safari: A Mobile Cinema Truck to Support Democracy in Africa

Filmmaker Jarreth Merz wants to take his political documentary about Ghana on tour so Africans themselves can see it.

Filmmaker Jarreth Merz's documentary An African Election tells the story of shifty, high-stakes electioneering in the 2008 presidential contest in Ghana, West Africa. Film festival audiences got to see it at Sundance in 2011, where it was an official selection.


Now Merz wants to take the film on the road so Africans themselves can see it. His plan is to tour the continent with a mobile cinema truck—equipped with a screen, projector, and generator—showing the film and providing voter education services. His goal is to engage Africans in the political process and provide a positive example of democracy. If you want to support the effort, check out Merz's effective, plainspoken pitch on Kickstarter.