Pope Gets Pie Delivery in His Popemobile

Pope Francis finally got the pie he’s been wishing for.

It’s good to be the Pope. After ol’ Francis confessed to a journalist earlier this month that what he misses from his pre-papacy life is grabbing a slice from his local pizzeria, an enthusiastic fan decided to deliver an entire pie to the pontiff as he whizzed past in his open-roof popemobile.

Enzo Cacialli, a saint living among mere mortals and owner of Pizzeria Don Ernesto, risked life and limb by jumping the barricade and intercepting the Pope’s motorcade, handing the Holy Father an entire pizza. The words “Il Papa”, rendered in breadsticks, were emblazoned across the pie.

“It's really hard for me to understand what I managed to do,” Cacialli told CNN. “Giving a pizza you made with your own hands to the Pope is very emotional. It's really hard for me to express the value of this gesture for a man we really love and value, for a beautiful person full of humanity.”

The Bishop of Rome is not the only world leader to have tasted food from the hands of a Cacialli pizzamaker. Former U.S. President and the maybe-future First Husband Bill Clinton also ate pizza from the famous Don Ernesto’s.