Clever New Music Video Shows How To Make The World A Better Place 30 Different Ways

by Andre Grant

March 13, 2017
Portugal. The_Man via “Feel It Still”

Three-plus years after their last album “Evil Friends,” Portugal. The Man is back with a snazzy new single titled “Feel It Still.” While the dreamy video would be reason enough to sing its praises, it’s the added details that make this five-minute video truly worth watching.

Along the video’s journey, viewers will spot a few tiny asterisks pop up, inviting them to click and learn more about 30 different social justice movements.

Portugal. The Man front man John Gourley curls and cuts his way through the video in white overalls as the delightfully hand-drawn circles show viewers where to click. If viewers catch them in time, they will each take you to a specific message like “Fund Planned Parenthood” or “Save the EPA.”

The interactive video features clickable action items like this one

The group worked in collaboration with creative agency Wieden+Kennedy, combining the WIREWAX video platform (an engine that allows users to interact with streaming video) with the visual’s apocalyptic terrain to create an eerie canvas to interface with.

“We worked with so many rad people on this album but ended up with just the four of us in a basement at 4 a.m. trying to say something that mattered," Gourley said. "Trying to write music that would help people feel they’re not alone, even if they’re angry or feeling lost. This video is our way of saying that we’re all in this together.”

Try your hand at picking out all the Easter eggs in the interactive video. And, as always, stay woke.

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Clever New Music Video Shows How To Make The World A Better Place 30 Different Ways