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Project: Food Truck Fantasy (Extended Deadline)

The food truck revolution is sweeping American cities. What's your food truck fantasy?

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Want BBQ mango wings with a side of pudding? Look no further than the streets of Los Angeles. Craving bacon-topped waffles? New York's got them. Haven't tried Korean BBQ tacos yet? Get on it. They're quickly approaching "so 2009" status.

From coast to coast, food trucks are reinventing what and how Americans eat. In the process, they're mashing up our culinary traditions to create some of the wackiest and most delicious combinations we've eaten in years.

Have food truck entrepreneurs used up all the best ideas already? Or do you have a fresh concept for a food truck you'd be willing to wait in line for? In the spirit of unbridled food truck creativity, our latest GOOD Project wants to know: What would your fantasy food truck be?

Like any food truck, your dream truck needs to have a cool concept and signature dish. What would you call it? What would it serve? We'll compile the best ideas into a slideshow format, and the GOOD community will vote to choose their favorite.


The food truck revolution is sweeping American cities. What's your food truck fantasy?


We want to see what's missing from the mobile culinary landscape. Dream up a concept for a food truck that doesn't exist yet. Name your truck and explain the concept. Then, cook up the signature dish and take a photo. If you're culinarily challenged, you can draw or graphically represent your signature dish.


Send an e-mail to projects[at]goodinc[dot]com with your submission. Submissions must include the following: 1) name of the truck, 2) a few sentences describing the concept, and 3) an image of the signature dish. It can be in any image format, but it should be high enough resolution that it can be printed at 300 dpi. We’ll take submissions now through October 24.

Once we receive the images, we will turn to you, the GOOD community, to choose the winning submission by voting. We'll publish a Picture Show with a selection of the best submissions on October 27, and we'll accept voting through November 3. The winning entry will be announced in early November and featured on our homepage. The winner will also receive a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription (or gift subscription).

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