Project: Make an Infographic of Your Internet Use

Where does the time go? For this project, make an infographic of how you use the internet.

Things are easier said than done, the old adage goes, and we couldn't agree more. That's why we started the GOOD 30-Day Challenge, a monthly attempt to live better. This month's challenge: Unplug at 8.

Where does the time go? You sink into the couch after dinner to skim your news feed, and suddenly you’re bleary-eyed and half asleep with 50 photos of your ex in your browser history and a video of baby animals on replay. The internet is dense with information, rife with opportunities for personal growth and world improvement, but do we use it to those ends? Think about the hours you spend online: What is their value? How much of that time is taken up by work and how much by play? Look through your history and show us how you use the internet.

With the average American spending 13 hours per week online, it's time to take a look at what that time adds up to.

Create an infographic to show us the breakdown of the time you spend online. Show us the sites you visit, what you do on them, how they make you feel. You’ve got free range to include whatever information you think is relevant. If you need graphic inspiration, check these out.

Upload a jpg file with a high enough resolution (at least 300dpi) to be seen clearly here. We’ll take submissions now through Wednesday, August 31. The winner will receive a GOOD T-shirt and see their infographic displayed on

Image(cc) by Flickr user stuartpilbrow