Project: Nominate Someone Awesome Project: Nominate Someone Awesome

Project: Nominate Someone Awesome

by Hillary Newman

February 6, 2011

At the beginning of the new year, we started a new series called People Are Awesome. We feature people doing great things in the world, like the man who attempted to find five strangers and offer each one a random act of kindness or the inspirational skateboarder who has no legs.

We thought you, the GOOD community, would be the best people to tell us who is doing something exceptional. We are looking for people who are making the world a better place and inspiring others on either a global or local scale. As submissions roll in, we will feature them in our series.


There are a lot of good people in world. But every now and then, someone special comes along. It's time we give these deserving people a pat on the back (and some coverage on GOOD).

Tell us what these people are doing. Maybe your friend started a community garden? Maybe your mom is raising money to find a cure to cancer. Or, maybe your high school soccer coach has devoted his life to ending slavery? You get the idea: We are on the hunt to expose incredible people.


Nominate someone whom you know personally. Send us a picture and short description, up to 100 words, about why this person is awesome.


Please submit your nomination and message (up to 100 words) here by Thursday, February 24. It can be in any image format, but it should be high enough resolution that it can be printed at 300 dpi.

In addition to featuring our favorite submissions on GOOD, we will send winners and their nominee a GOOD T-Shirt.

Illustration by Sara Saedi

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Project: Nominate Someone Awesome