This Box Puzzle Is So Insanely Difficult That It’s Near-Impossible Even With A Video Tutorial

You know it’s difficult when you get frustrated during the walkthrough video

It’s not clear who, besides middle school math teachers and Cracker Barrel, represents the target demographic for those mind-bending puzzles that often involve a rope, a pole, and a metal ring.

I’m guessing the thrill comes more from designing and producing these frustrating contraptions more than it does selling them for financial gain. But the more satisfaction the puzzle’s creator may get from creating an “unsolvable” (but still, you know, solvable) puzzle, the more frustrated the poor customer gets.

Recently, a video surfaced that features what might be the most sadistic puzzle on the market today. It’s called “The Impossible Object,” so you know you’re going to be in for a bad time the second you hear the name. Further, just look at the thing. Perhaps some puzzle master can make themselves one with the box and dream up a solution in a sweat lodge, but the thing looks pretty damn unsolvable, doesn’t it?


Well, it turns out it is solvable, but even with this detailed walkthrough video, you still might need to take the creator’s word for it.

You might not be looking to add this sort of stress into your life right now, but come holiday season, this would make a great gift for any of your frenemies.