Removing Mona Lisa from the Mona Lisa

An inventive use of technology transforms one of Western Civilization's most iconic images.

And now an inventive use of technology transforms one of Western Civilization's most iconic images. Through some Photoshop-assisted sleight of hand, the artist Mike Ruiz has removed Mona Lisa from the Mona Lisa. Here's how Ruiz describes his altering of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous portrait:

The Mona Lisa with the lady selected then put through Content-Aware Fill (a Photoshop CS5 tool that automatically generates content based on the existing surrounding content of the image and fills in selected area). The resulting image is a potential landscape as interpreted by the software. The image was sent to an painting manufacturer in China where an oil painting was produced.


On first glance, Replaced Mona Lisa achieves the half-remembered quality of incomplete images that we see in dreams. It's both familiar and jarringly disorienting—obviously, something is missing, but without being told I was looking at the Mona Lisa I certainly wouldn't have recognized it.

Here's an image of the original:

I can't tell whether the color palette differences are worth discussing or whether they have to do with the files I've uploaded, so I'll refrain from getting into that. But I will say that the almost geometric repetition we find in Replaced offers quite a contrast to the original.

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