Raising The Bar For Evil Everywhere, A Politician Deemed This Ramp For Ducklings ‘A Waste’

Priorities, people

Demonstrating that nothing in this world is deemed off-limits for those with a political agenda, Republican Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina made himself a litany of new enemies and critics by introducing himself to America as the guy who thinks ramps for ducklings are “government waste.”

A photo of the ramp, located at the Capitol Reflecting Pool, was shared by the U.S. Capitol Twitter account:

Then, answering the question that no one asked—“Can you politicize the concept of ducklings walking up a ramp to take a bath?”—Rep. Walker weighed in with his commentary:

Clearly, someone received their copy of Banal Wordplay for Politicians before tweeting.

Not to have one buzzkill rain on their parade (of ducks, no less!), the Capitol, not naming any names, shared a video showing the “wasteful” ramp in use.

And the angels sang.

And Twitter went, predictably, batshit crazy over the whole thing.

Those tweets represent the more general gripes. Criticisms were offered in an array of shapes and sizes, but many cited a more prominent and wasteful instance of government spending.

I’m not sure if those ducklings are classy or spectacular enough to be allowed entry to the wonderful, one of a kind Mar-a-Lago, but, regardless, the point stands: Leave the ducks and their ramp alone, sir.